New Baby and New Website

newborn photography in hanover, newborn photographer near me, professional newborn photos, newborn portraits hanover paIt has been a wild few weeks, months, heck, a wild year!  I found out early in 2018 that we were expecting baby #3, just a few short months after making my move to the new studio.  We had been planning for another baby, but finding out I was due in October made me a little nervous.  October is by far the busiest month of the year.  Between family photo sessions, prep for Christmas minis, and fall weddings, it gets a little insane.  Ask any photographer, and they will tell you, that October makes you both want to jump for joy and crawl in a hole and cry.  So, finding out my next little bundle was coming right in the middle, threw a bit of a wrench into my fall plans.

However, with the help of some of my favorite photogs, and our family, we have welcomed our new little guy, Aiden Christopher, into the world (more on him later!) without also completely halting the business.  Christmas minis are set, and are completely sold out, editing is all caught up, AND I was even able to launch this brand new website in the midst of my post-partum fog.  So what will you find here?

This site has been about six months in the making.  With the expertise of Gillian Sarah, I was able to organize and showcase my portfolio, while offering an easier navigation experience for visitors.  I wanted a website that represented my brand, my studio, and myself.  This site also gives a sneak peek at the studio itself, where I spend most of my creative time.  It has pricing and package information in plain view.  There is a lot of information, but I also encourage visitors to still reach out to me to chat more about their personal needs and questions!

I hope to spend more time blogging in 2019, showcasing your beautiful babies and families.  I say this every year, but now I really have no excuse.


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