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Hi, I'm Rachel, and I am here to give you back hours and hours of time to pour into your business (or personal life!), while I take on all of your business photography needs.  Imagine opening your inbox and finding a link to perfectly curated images of all of your products, ready for download, and even more importantly - ready for social media.  Or maybe you need pictures of you in action for your website?  I've got you.  Ready to launch a new product line?  Just send me the box, and I take care of the rest.  I take your brand and your vision, and I bring it to life, freeing up your hands to do what YOU do best.

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Rachel Mummert Commercial

how does it work?

1. Contact me and tell me about your business and your needs.    
2. Select a package that fits, or create a custom package.
3. Fill out a contract and very detailed questionnaire.  Ship your products!
4.  I plan and excecute EVERYTHING - models, styling of the shoot, photography, editing, logistics, and delivery of your perfectly curated online gallery
5. You receive your online gallery by email, and do a little happy dance because all of your content is ready for your social media, Pinterest, website, online store, catalog, email blast, and marketing!  What will you do with all this free time?


   In our initial discussion, I will help you make decisions, and pick a package that is best for your business.  The ultimate goal is to create an awesome working relationship where you can depend on me to provide photos that continuously meet the needs of your business, in whatever stage it is in!  You send me boxes, and I send you photos.  It makes the (sometimes) daunting task of social media that much more bearable when you have content at your fingertips.  
   When I began my photography career, I tried to do it all.  I was my own accountant, bookeeper, legal expert, purchaser, administrative assistant, marketing specialist, you get the idea!  But I was actually a PHOTOGRAPHER.  After many painful lessons I learned when to outsource a task, and when to take it on myself.  Now I have a wonderful team of professionals at my disposal, and it frees up my hands to do what I do best - take photos!
Free your hands, and focus on your product or service.  I look forward to helping you make it happen.

want it all? No Problem!

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